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Benefits of Remotium VMP

Dramatic TCO reduction vs traditional VDI

Superior native user experience

Unrivaled security and user privacy

Centralized app/device management

What Remotium Virtual Mobile Platform Does

Delivers applications, documents, and email to users of nearly any mobile device

Remotium VMP enables users to access corporate data and tools from within a virtual mobile workspace. Apps operating inside the virtual mobile workspace appear to be running natively.

Simplifies enterprise mobility for users and IT

Remotium VMP is a single platform that replaces the multiple layers of software needed to deliver a virtual desktop in a traditional VDI installation. With integrated authentication and familiar mobile interfaces, users can sign in and start using corporate apps with minimal training and support.

Protects corporate data against device loss or theft

Unlike other enterprise mobility solutions, virtual mobile workspaces store no data on end devices. Data security is never compromised, even if an employee’s physical device is lost.

Helps enterprises maintain regulatory compliance in a mobile environment

Remotium VMP leaves all critical data on trusted IT servers, streamlining risk analyses of mobility. And Remotium VMP provides application-level visibility and control that can assist in generating compliance reports quickly.