Avast Virtual Mobile Platform

Let your employees work wherever they are with instant, secure access to corporate apps and data.

Never Worry About Data Loss and Leakage Again

With Avast VMP, you can stream standard mobile apps to any device with virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI). Virtualized mobile apps run on corporate servers; data that’s not on a mobile device can’t be lost or stolen. Streams are fully encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. And you can plug even the smallest leaks with features like screenshot prevention.

Free Your Employees From the Shackles of Enterprise Mobility

Your company hires the best and brightest.  They’ll find ways to “work around” IT policies that get in the way of getting work done or that invade their privacy.  Give them an intuitive alternative that satisfies your security needs.

Natural User Experience

Your employees know how to use mobile apps.  With Avast VMP, your employees get a full mobile-on-mobile user experience.

Instant Access

With Avast VMP’s built-in end-to-end encryption, there’s no need for users to authenticate to a VPN before they can access internal networks. Efficient users are happy users.

No MDM Needed

Avast VMP’s ultimate data protection lets users access corporate data safely from any device.  Let your employees use their personal devices for business without them worrying about Big Brother “spying” on their private activities.

On-premises? In the cloud? It’s your choice.

Avast VMP is a virtual appliance that deploys on any hypervisor.  Deploy it behind your firewall for ultimate peace-of-mind, or in the cloud for cost-efficiency.  With Avast VMP, you know exactly where your data is at all times.

Control and monitor app behavior.

With Avast VMP, you control the app execution environment.  Monitor and filter app packet and HTTP traffic.  Limit app access to your corporate directory and calendars.  Generate reports of business data usage, and export activity logs to compliance reporting tools.